New Computers and another wonderful visit

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun … and the students have certainly been having that.  Despite the school holiday which is still in full swing, I have 5 students who prefer the workshop to life on the farm and in the last few weeks they have been treated to a host of activities that are sure to make their contemporaries jealous upon their return to the fold.

Rex Bates was able to break away briefly from work to visit us for the first time since pre COVID and Monte Ball ... who never misses the chance of visiting the workshop ... took the opportunity to meet up with Rex, a very old friend, here in Luangprabang.  Brian and Pong who featured in the last newsletter for their fantastic Cooking Demonstration, enjoyed their time with the students so much they also took the opportunity for a repeat visit.

As usual the boys gave the visitors a demonstration of their skills and although we only had 5 students, they did a great job of entertaining the guests with their presentations.

Don't forget ... you can watch the videos in FULL SCREEN by clicking on the Box Icon to the Right of the screen in the video control bar

Xengthor did an excellent job of demonstrating his skills in the Green Screen Studio.  He is a master of this art and I will use him next term to teach the other students this most difficult skill.

Bounxai once again demonstrated his Jungle Cooking Skills and this time showed us how to cook snails.

I don’t like snails and refused to try his dish but any budding French cuisine chef’s, may like to try this recipe

With the formal stuff out of the way, the boys then joined our visitors for lunch.  Under normal circumstances, I would provide a nice lunch for the students in the computer room but as there were just the five of them and five of us, I invited them to lunch with the Guests.

Everyone enjoyed the occasion immensely and it was a great way for the boys to practice their English.

Rex gave us three Web Cam’s for the students to use when chatting on Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype and Monte also presented us with a camera.  These cameras make a great addition to our arsenal, allowing the students to talk to Girlfriends/family back in their villages or to interact with friends while playing Video Games On Line.

With the official visit over, Brian and Pong stayed for an extra week during which time they treated the boys to a couple of fantastic days out.  Pong had found a Horse Riding stables not far out of town and the boys enjoyed a wonderful morning learning to ride.

The Head trainer was excellent and soon had everyone cantering around the arena like John Wayne himself ...

(John Who?)

A couple of days later Brian and Pong took everyone for a full day out at a brand new water park (Chinese owned) some 25 kilometers out of town.  The water slides were simply amazing and I have never witnessed such unbridled energy in my life, as that demonstrated by Pong and the boys.

When it was time to leave it was an impossible task trying to get everyone out of the water and there was no doubt that everyone had a truly amazing day out.

Thank you Brian and Pong!!!

Your visit was amazing and you will be welcomed back ... anytime ... with open arms.

In my last newsletter I appealed for funds to buy 4 more computers and I have received donations from Rex Bates, Ian Ball, Barry Lindquist, Dee DeSpain and Monte Ball to purchase four excellent computers that are designed specifically for Graphic Design work and Video editing.  The computers have now been ordered but we will have to wait a couple of weeks for delivery as they did not have the higher end Video Card that I specified, in stock. These new computers will bring us right up to date and each student will have his own computer designed specically for Graphic Design and Video work.

The new computers were not cheap and I thank each and every one of you who made such generous donations to purchase these computers and for your continued support of the Laos Children’s Workshop.

I would also like to give a special thank you to Ian Ball who not only contributed towards the new computers but also paid off the workshops debt to e4e. With my extended period in hospital, the bill for the 3 students that the workshop sponsors, had not been paid and upon hearing that I was struggling with the running costs of the workshop, Ian most generously cleared that debt.

The workshop has sponsored students to learn at e4e (English for Everyone) for many years and e4e have arranged sponsors when we have been pushed for funds. This is a truly worthwhile assignment and through sponsors provided by e4e we still have five students studying there. Thank you Marcel.

We are now half way through the summer holidays and after a busy couple of weeks the remaining students are now relaxing and enjoying free time on the computers.

I finish this newsletter by thanking once again, all of you who have contributed, in whatever way, to the well being of the students and the workshop. Without your support we would be nothing ... but with your continued help, the youngsters who study here will have a far better chance of improving their futures.

With my very best wishes to you all ... and stay out of the sun!